My work focuses on intimate moments and details that are uncomfortably placed into the public domain. Through this study of private in public, I investigate and experiment with alternative systems of archiving and presenting the ephemeral bits of my digital generation while working within self-directed systems of restraint. I document and elaborate on code-generated images sourced from from the internet.

My ongoing 'Courtesy of Google' series uses images from Google Street View as reference photos.
Google captures, catalogs, and publishes arbitrary moments from the lives of an often-oblivious public. I hope to preserve these moments using traditional mediums to highlight the significance within each digital frame. I believe the viewer automatically takes more time to consider a person and moment captured in oil and hung on a wall for few, vs. its digital "master" that is effortlessly available for the entire Internet viewing public.

I am currently a studio artist in Chashama's workspace program at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Please email me at keightyalexander at gmail dot com for pricing and exhibition requests.